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  The Environment  
  • We believe Sustainability is a way of life. Since 1969, InterGlobal, Inc., our parent company, has worked with the highest environmental standards. The environment is important to us, we want our kids, and their kids to live in the same world we love.
  • One of the first steps in manufacturing is figuring out how to employ the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

    Reduce - At Crown Plastics, we help reduce the amount of waste in the environment by producing long-lasting, durable enclosures. Our products are vandal resistant, which extend the life of the product and reduce the waste disposed into our landfills. We have also reduced our electricity usage by replacing approximately 60-400 Watt Metal Halide fixtures in the factory with 360 Watt Metal Halide lamps saving 2,400 Watts of energy.

    Reuse - In the manufacturing process, water is used to cool the machines blowing the plastic. That water is reused over and over again until it cannot be cycled through the machine again. Crown Plastics also reuses all of the boxes in which materials are shipped to us. This reduces the need for a significant number of new boxes to be made.

    Recycle - Recycling might be the easiest thing for us to do at Crown Plastics. Any of our products coming off of the line that do not meet our high quality control standards are recycled. The oil used in our machines is recycled, as is the waste water (previously reused).

    We believe in doing what's right for the environment so our future generations can enjoy the same world we do.
  • Dark Sky Reflector

    Our new, innovative Dark Sky Reflector plays a different role in helping create a sustainable environment by reducing the amount of Uplight and Glow associated with typical outdoor lighting. By helping cities meet their own Model Outdoor Lighting Ordinances, our product is contributing to our ability to see the stars, and to keep from disrupting the migration patterns of birds.

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